Our Services

JHL-Net Solutions offers a wide range of ICT, information and communication technologies services. Our mission is to find the best and most cost effective solutions for your IT system! Below you can read more about the types of services we offer.

IT-drift consultations

We can build your IT operations from scratch or if you want / need help in securing your existing system. We are experienced, we have the knowledge and many excellent suggestions for sustainable, safe and well-functioning IT solutions for your company.

Helpdesk Support

As an existing customer with us, you can quickly and easily report the matter to our IT support through our case management system.

On-site support

Tired of receiving virtual help? Would you like help from a real person? Would you like someone to discuss issues with and who would come up with the best solutions for your IT system?


Our Vision

Provides the best and most flexible IT solutions for our customers


We see your problems as our own

We always find a solution

Broad Knowledge

We are passionate about innovation and want to contribute with the latest


We are always on spot to provide you the service, regardless what it is


The company has genuine love and passion for information technology (IT). We are passionate about information communication technology (ICT) in business infrastructure.

We offer a high level of expertise by technicians, who have a lot of experience ready to work in different types of fields from onsite technicians to advanced specialists, who can work in different environments.


What our customers think

Working with IT support is probably one of the less appreciated jobs available. Nobody appreciates when it works but everyone gets insane when it does not. JHL has worked with us on B-Reel for over 3 years and done it with great bravura. They are very good, purely technical, but also have a very high level of service and sense of responsibility, which is equally important. Joy and Luis & Co are simply cool and talented, such type of co-workers you always want to work with. It is a pleasure to recommend them warmly to others.

Fredrik Heinig

Technically knowledgeable and pleasant in dialogue with customers who speak warmly about their consultant long after moving on to other assignments.

Alexander Tonelli

I previously worked with Joy and Luis when they were ricruited as consultants at Friskis & Svettis Stockholm, we worked very well together and they were both competent. Therefore, I turned to them now for a migration project at RFSU. I met a new colleague at JHL and together we developed a Mac to Windows transition for 15 computers at the clinic. The preparation was good which made it very smooth migration. I was impressed with the consultant’s / Jespers accuracy and all the documentation I received afterwards. I will recruit them again if the need arises!

Frederic Piccoli,