For different companies, small and large, the Office 365 applications are all you need. Office 365 combines cloud services with applications that run locally, allowing you to access your files anywhere and at any time. You do not have to be bound to just one device, anything from computer to tablet and cell phone works without any problems. There are different Office subscriptions so you can find one just for you and your needs. Work in the cloud: Today, we use the internet more and more services become cloud-based. What is the cloud then? Well, instead of storing data on the computer's

Moving IT infrastructure from inside to cloud Many companies, large and small, have IT security as their main priority. The demand for security is so great that many other companies have both been forced and encouraged to exploit Private Cloud hosting services (private cloud services). This need to move its existing infrastructure to the cloud occurs when companies realize that it needs to be upgraded, most often due to growth that places greater burden on operations in terms of operational tasks. The upgrade of the existing infrastructure is usually both costly and time consuming. Choosing a private cloud is one of

Last autumn, it became known that Postnord sent out mass mails saying that you have packages to collect and which have contained a shipping number and a link. However, as soon as you click on the link, a virus spreads on the computer that locks (encrypt) all documents and keeps them hostage until you have paid a certain amount to get it unlocked. This virus is called Crypto Sugar, which is a ransomware (software) and one of the worst harmful programs you may encounter. This does not help restart the computer. What happens instead is that you get a box