Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Certainly, it would be smoother and more problem free if you could only focus on your core business and do not think about everything IT environment is called?

Simply let experts manage your IT environment while you can sleep well at night without having to worry about system errors and updates.

The advantage of virtual servers is that you can increase system performance based on what your company requires. We even take care of your data backup and ensure unnecessary intrusion. A virtual private server (also known as VPS virtual private server – or VDS) is still a sought after service today and Ipeer is one of the few companies that can offer this service online where you as a customer access the server immediately after You have ordered it. A virtual private server is an instance of a physical server. This instance can be used as an entirely independent server for applications and how to use it. An instance can be restarted without affecting other instances on the same server.

The most common operating systems offered for VPS today are Windows, Debian, Fedora and Cent OS. The product is very cost effective and there are many uses. The most common uses where VPS is used are web and mail servers. Other areas include financial systems, backup devices, development environments and gaming servers. In recent years, a number of control panels have been developed that allow for a very simple management of servers. An example of such a control panel is Plesk and is offered by several players in the market.

VPS is designed to be a economically sound option for those who require more resources and want to manage their own server. At a VPS, customers share the server’s resources and at the same time have a high level of privacy as the areas are separated by each customer’s own operating system. VPS customers have root level access and can thus experience many of the known benefits of a dedicated server.


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