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Need help creating your ow website or improving your website to make it more accessible? We at JHL-Net Solutions work with IT technicians who have special knowledge in web design and SEO.

With our IT support, you get all the help you need to create and design a website based on your specific needs and wishes. Our IT support also helps you make it more searchable and easier to find.
Web design means that a website is a basic graphic design that is usually governed by different labeling languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and so forth).

This includes determining the size and placement of surfaces, typography, color palettes, styles or styles for images, icons, logos, and other graphic elements. Generally, this consists of several steps, and of course, each step is an important part of the process of creating a user-friendly site. In the first step, a graphic designer creates sketches and descriptions of the pages’ intended appearance as above, often in some illustrations.

In the second step, the developer reviews the designer’s sketches and ideas to HTML tags, template style, Server Page Program, JavaScript Tags, and other files.This can be done with tools such as web publishers or directly in the Content Management system that the site uses.

A website also has other features that require design. Creating website features and details in these features are often called interaction design. How the content of the site is shared and linked in itself can be called information structure or included as part of information design. This is an important step in search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a collective name for the various methods and techniques used to get a webpage displayed as high as possible among search engine search results. A commonly used breakdown of search engine optimization techniques is between On page and Off Page methods.

The first is to traditionally modify their own website and website to address ranking algorithms. The other is about increasing page availability from other sites, if there are many links from relevant pages, the page will be taken into account by the search engine. In short, it means that, with the help of our IT consultants, you can make your website more visible on the web – the more you see the easier you will lock customers. Contact our IT support to help you with the rest!


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